The campaign Declaration of the Many of the registered association DIE VIELEN e.V. has a regional character: all cultural institutions are asked to join the DECLARATIONS regionally or throughout the city. We ask you to please inform the campaign office at of the activities for a regional DECLARATION.
With discussions, events and actions, the signatories participate in a campaign and, together with the supporters, mobilize for a “glittering arts and culture demonstration. Solidarity over privilege. It’s about all of us. Freedom for the arts!” in Berlin in May of 2019.


Signatories (institutions):

The BERLIN DECLARATION OF THE MANY is the basic text. This text, developed and agreed upon by a community of activists from the culture landscape, production venues, repertory and ensemble theaters, advocacy groups and associations, serves as a template for a regional declaration. It can be adopted by blocs of regional or city-wide cultural institutions, supplemented or expanded – completely in the sense of plurality. It is, however, the goal that, alongside the text of the declaration, the four declarations of actions and the self-obligations remain fixed components.
Please sign the declaration with the name of the institution and its location, the representatives of the management that serve as signatories and a contact person, complete with email address, to:


Supporters (individuals):

Private individuals, artists, writers, those involved with the arts and participants are called upon to support the DECLARATION OF THE MANY with their names. Please show your support on the website beginning on October 16, 2018.


You will find more information about the declaration, campaign and Die Vielen e.V. at:
The campaign telephone number is: +49 1778924882